The Greenland Purchass VR Porn Video
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The Greenland Purchass

Starring: Selvaggia Babe

Uploaded: September 16, 2019

Duration: 53 min

Tags: Stockings Blonde Small Tits Anal Pornstar Doggystyle 180 Facial Blowjob

You take pride in your role within the Danish government. So when Donny Trump made that ludicrous offer to buy Greenland, you were offended, quite frankly. Not only that, but he announced it on Twitter. The ignorance, the gall. Today, Russian ambassador Selaggia Babe has come to your office to make you another offer. Make the sale to her. And in exchange, she will fuck you anyway you want. Tempting. Should you compromise your loyalty to the state for a bit of pussy? Yes. Absolutely you should.

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