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How to setup Meta Quest 3


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How to setup Meta Quest 3


The Meta Quest 3 is here at last, and with its huge quantity of hardware and usability updates is now BaDoink Studio’s preferred choice for the high resolution, immersive world of VR porn. While the Quest 2 isn’t outdated yet, the Quest 3 is a huge upgrade for such a reasonable price point, and we recommend our Oculus and Meta committed users get ready to make the switch as soon as they can. This headset is largely future-proof and contains a way better version of everything that the Quest 2 does.

Its lenses have the highest resolution available, the field of view is wider and clearer at the peripherals, and it offers capabilities for passthrough and longer usage that are a huge leap forward from the Quest 2. In our opinion, when it comes to a VR porn experience, there is no competition when it comes to the Quest 3’s quality and capabilities. We are blown away by its lenses and the quality throughout its Field of Vision.

When does Meta Quest 3 Come Out?

The Meta Quest 3 is already out! It was released on October 10th, 2023.


The Meta Quest 3 is the Quest 2 after a whole year of working out and hitting the library. It’s smarter, faster, and better equipped. It works in a similar way, but is truly leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor. Its pancake lenses offer among the highest resolution on the market, and its visual quality and clarity is absolutely stunning. Its controllers have been given a significant update, its mixed reality cameras are the best seen yet, and all for $500 for the 128GB model. Credit where credit’s due: they pulled off a big step forward with this headset.

It feels more ergonomic, easy to wear and comfortable than its predecessor the Quest 2, and because of its more compact front it will feel a lot more comfortable to wear during long sessions. Its refresh rate is up, images are 70% less blurred around the edges while also having a wider Field of Vision, and passthrough is now up to the standard people have been wanting to see for years. We simply can’t believe its price to quality ratio. The Quest 3 now offers immersion that may be even better than the premium price and hardware Meta Quest Pro. If you’ve just unboxed yours and you’re looking for instructions, look no further. Read on below.

1. First Steps

It’s not difficult to set up your Quest 3, but it requires around half an hour of your time. First, you’ve got to carefully remove the headset from its box. Then, remove all the contents of the box checking everything is present and plug in the USB cable to your PC. If you have Windows 7 or 8, you’ll need to install a driver before you can use this headset. If you have Windows 10 or later, you don’t have to install anything. If you have Mac 10.13 or newer, there is no need to install any drivers because it’s supported natively by Apple.

2. Getting It Started

Next, press the power button on the headset's lower left side if it’s on your head, and wait for it to pair with your PC. Once paired, download the Oculus app on your PC or Mac and use it to set up your Quest 3. You absolutely have to make an account to use the headset properly, so you’ll need to open a browser to complete the setup process. It doesn’t take long, and once you’re done, you can get down to experiencing everything that the latest frontier of VR and VR porn has to offer.

3. The Meta Quest Touch Plus controller

The controllers are changed significantly from the Oculus Quest 2, making for a much better user experience. The buttons are more sensitive, featuring realistic sensations and TruTouch haptics which up the immersion. They’ve also got rid of the tracking ring which was an eyesore in some people’s opinions, which some users felt reduced immersion.

The controllers are much more streamlined, however they do still use AA batteries meaning you should either grab yourself a rechargeable AA battery setup or get the additional charging dock for sale from Meta. It’s worth noting that Meta’s headset is now capable of hand tracking, which enables you to drop controllers altogether. It does require watching a tutorial and a little practice, however.

4. Setting Up Your Space

The way that you mark out your space and the area you’ll use for operating using the Meta Quest 3 is much more streamlined and cooler than it was for the Meta Quest 2. In the past there was a basic setup for choosing the level of the floor, and for manually drawing out a border around you. It showed an alert when you stepped out of it. Now, the Quest 3 has an automatic boundary detector that not only detects where your floor is, but automatically scans and registers all of the surfaces and obstacles in your environment just by looking around. It will create a totally 3D immersive interaction boundary around you just using the camera sensors and without any manual interference.

As you’ll see in its Mixed Reality experiences, the Quest 3 now also enables visual interaction of graphical elements with your real environment. Why is the headset now scanning more than just the floor? Well, the main reason is the augmented reality features. These features require an understanding of your entire environment in order to work properly. How else are aliens going to pop out of the roof and attack you?! It’s also beneficial to scan all surfaces and creates a safer user experience.

5. Trying out AR and Getting Started with Your Quest 3

There’s a great game on the Quest 3 called First Encounters that functions as a demo to get you started. If you’re interested in going and checking out the headset’s new Mixed Reality features before you get stuck into our VR porn, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg doing so, we recommend starting there.

6. How to Stream VR Porn on Meta Quest 3

With our new in-browser player, you can stream all of our VR porn in the headset without downloading a single thing, as long as your internet connection is good enough. All of our streaming quality options are available in the Meta Quest Browser and most other browsers, to adapt to your needs.

You can also use the Heresphere player which supports a high number of experimental features and integrates a variety of functionalities such as autofocus depth algorithm, software IPD adjustment, head-tracking, spatial audio, lens distortion, and alignment corrections that in-browser players don’t deliver at this stage.

7. How to Watch VR Porn on Meta Quest 3

Our usual method of downloading and watching VR porn is fully supported from the first moment of release. You will still be able to download all your favorite videos and get them working immediately with no further steps, in our highest quality on the Quest 3.

Our Roundup

The Meta Quest 3 is BaDoink Studio’s current number one out of headsets on the market. With its streamlined headset and controllers making for added comfort and its significantly upgraded pancake lenses, we cannot sufficiently highlight the value for money this headset delivers. It’s a huge upgrade from the Quest 2 and there are still features in development which haven’t been rolled out yet such as increased hand tracking, inside-out upper body tracking, and AV1 codec support. AV1 is the next generation of encoding software and supports higher quality encodings without increasing the file size. At BaDoinkVR we’re working towards implementing it as soon as possible.

You’ll be able to use your Meta Quest 3 as normal, all of our content and our top VR Porn scenes will work as intended on the Quest 3. Meta have done their homework and want to make the transition as smooth as possible, the headset is thankfully backwards compatible, meaning it will work with all existing apps and games.